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We have been providing labelling solutions to the NHS, healthcare providers and Universities throughout the UK for over 20 years

We supply laboratory labels to Astra Zeneca
We supply laboratory labels to Glaxo Smith Kline
We supply laboratory labels to Guy's and St Thomas' NHS Foundation Trust
We supply laboratory labels to Cancer Research UK
We supply laboratory labels to Bristol University
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Our experienced team have delivered identification solutions for Universities, Research Organisations and Hospitals throughout the UK and Europe.

We can ensure sample integrity by offering identification labels that remain intact for life. Whether heated, frozen or exposed to chemicals, our specifically developed labels for laboratories will be present and legible

Autoclave labels

Designed to withstand some of the harshest autoclave environments including high pressure, high temperature sterilisation and storage in liquid nitrogen, without suffering any loss in legibility.

Autoclave Labels

Centrifuge labels

Ideal for bottles, flasks, centrifuges and Eppendorf & PCR. We have a wide range of identification products including hot water resistant labels as well as a variety of general identification solutions.

Bottle & Centrifuge Labels

Cryogenic labels

Liquid nitrogen freezer and frozen surface labels guarantee high quality text or barcode images that are easily legible after being stored in extremely cold conditions as well as withstanding extreme autoclave heat.

Cryogenic Labels

Slide identification labels

These slide identification labels are designed to provide crisp and clear (sample) identification throughout the sample generation, inspection and storage process. Resistant to xylene, alcohol and DMSO.

Slide Labels

Tissue cassette identification

A unique solution for histology and anatomic pathology labs, mechanically fasten an adhesive label to a tissue cassette before the tissue-embedding process, ensuring ID during embedding or long-term storage.

Tissue Cassette Labels

Tube & vials identification

Low profile labels with windows for short to long-term sample tracking for various capacity and types of vials, including conical, centrifuge, glass or plastic tubes. Resistant to xylene, alcohol, ethanol and DMSO.

Tube & Vial Labels

Straw labels

Straw identification labels allow 2 lines of text to be clearly visible when applied to the internal coloured weight in the straw. The labels are designed to withstand long-term storage, immersed in liquid nitrogen.

Straw Labels

Well plate labels

Well plate identification labels for total tracking of all sample collections. Our labels guarantee crystal clear text and barcoding for that will remain in place and legible in all laboratory environments.

Well Plate Labels

GHS Labels

Hazardous substance symbols should be highly visible and our labels are ideal for containers and packaging, depicting symbols on a white background with a red border in a diamond-shape as per the GHS/CLP regulation.

GHS Labels
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"As a small but extremely efficient, family run business, since 1999 we've been able to deliver an unrivalled personal service. We take the time to understand client requirements and you can always reach one of us for friendly support.

Overcoming the tricky and sometimes even perceived impossible with custom identification solutions gives me a great feeling and keeps our clients innovating and driving their businesses forwards."